Frequently Asked Questions

Can you freeze live lobster?

Yes, you can do one of two things. You can cook the lobster, de-shell it and place the lobster meat in a sealable bag with the air removed. It is recommended to place a second sealable bag around the meat once you’ve removed the air. The second way is to blanch them in boiling water (add salt to the boiling water) for approximately 2 minutes, then remove and place them in ice for 10 minutes to cool. Once cooled, place each lobster in its own sealable bag, remove the air, and place in a second bag for extra sealing. They will remain good for months.

How can I keep the live lobster fresh to eat tomorrow?

The best way to keep your live lobsters fresh at home is to store them in a styrofoam container, corrugated box, or a large paper bag in the coolest area of your refrigerator. Place dampened newsprint over them to keep their gills moist and cool (this is how they breathe). The live lobster can live for 1-2 days this way. If you don't have space in your fridge, an unheated garage, covered porch or a cool basement will suffice. Be sure to place ice packs or ice around the lobsters to keep them cool and moist.

Can I store live lobster in fresh water?

NO. Live lobster will drown in fresh water. As noted above, keep them cool and moist in proper packaging but do not place them in fresh water. 

How do I reheat my cooked lobster?

If you've cooked all of your lobster and want to enjoy some over the next few days, double wrap each lobster individually in aluminum foil and store them in the fridge. When you are ready to enjoy them, preheat your oven to 350 degrees, and once preheated, place them in the oven for 5 minutes to warm (in their aluminum foil wrapping).

How can I tell if the lobster is alive?

Look for movement. Check to see if their tail moves, their legs move or their antennae move.